How we work

We understand that any decision you make, at this level, has big implications. Which is why, at the outset, whether you’re looking to hire or looking for that next Executive level role we’ll spend a large amount of time getting to understand the very core of your situation and requirements. ​

  • We work with companies on an exclusive basis.

  • We’ll talk through your history to date to understand your journey so far, short and long term objectives as you see them, the ‘nice to haves’ and essentials in terms of this search - in order to build up a clear picture of who you are, what you do and what you’re looking for.

  • We’ll challenge you, at times, to think differently too – where we think that’s in your best interests.

  • Whilst of course industry, skills, track record and abilities are key factors in any match – we know that cultural fit is key too.

  • Our contact list and connections are vast, accumulated over 20 years of working in the South West. Whilst we’ll leverage those for your benefit, we will also (routinely) proactively research and reach outside of your network to ensure that as a business you have the very best and most relevant talent on the shortlist – or as someone seeking their next big role, that we’re making proactive/relevant introductions.

  • What we bring to the table is years of experience working with growing SME’s and senior professional’s in the South West.

Understanding your needs

First thing's first. Our utter priority in any Executive Search or Senior level recruitment project, is to get it right.

Sarah will personally be managing your hiring process, supported by other members of the Chase Executive team. We know that you’ll want to work with someone who knows their onions – and with 20 years experience working, in the recruitment industry, in the South West there are very few who can boast of such an extensive network, business connections and reputation for getting it right.

Sarah works on only one or two retained search projects at a time, to ensure the level of service and quality of results are delivered within your timescales.

The process

The search is detailed and extensive, for candidates to present to you for consideration. We’ll leave no stone unturned. Whilst exploring our existing and substantial connections, we’ll also research ‘big players’ in your industry and those outside of it – those already in the South West and those that would consider relocating here. We would have considered in the region of over 1000 people to whittle that down to a longlist that we would have met and interviewed on your behalf, before presenting you with a shortlist of around six people.

We'll report our on progress regularly, and for those that like more of an insight into the numbers, we will of course provide you with that level of detail.

Working within these areas


If you want to know more about how we can work with you, contact us today to speak to one of the Chase Executive team.

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